Sunday, August 21, 2011

a bit of a catch up!

dang things have been way to0 busy; can't even manage to get a weekly post in-so much for a lazy kickback restorative summer! thought i'd update ya'll on what i've been creating lately. i decided to a 12 in 12 sock challenge for 2011. that's knitting a pair of socks per month this year. i'm a bit behind.

here's my july handspun socks:

they aren't that bright in real life. i knit a sweater for my new darling niece Rory Mckenzie. my camera was having some sort of fit-the picture turned out horrid.

i actually finished a sweater i started 3 years ago. remember this?:

i dyed the yarn eons ago! it's my mr. green jeans! feels so good to complete something. i even got to wear it at a very special occasion- soon to be blogged about. stay tuned!

i love the sweater! it's one of those everyday kind of sweaters.

i spun an awesome roving i got at stitches this year from wool candy. I made a cowl from it. and now fingerless mittens.

here's another roving i got at stitches- from girl on the rocks. the hard part is what to make with it!!!!

i hope to get caught up in the blogoshere( is that a word?) soon.


Birdsong said...

You have gotten a LOT done, especially considering you spun most of the yarns too. I need to get the pattern for Rorys sweater from you! I love the Forest City modeling photo, and am proud to know a knitter with matching accessories. I'm hoping to see a post about all the ribbons Wooly won @ the fair.

Sharon said...

I got a kick out of Luci tending the fire, and was that Rowen's daughter? Yeah - good post.

soxchik said...

Nice Ketchup post!!! That's a a lot of knitting. You've been super productive.

cottasofia said...

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