Wednesday, May 25, 2011

internetless on the frontier!

where the heck has wooly been? i've been in the land downunder-the land of no interenet use. it was real scary for awhile. i had to come to terms with the fact that yes, i had developed a real addiction to my laptop. facebook, ravelry, surfing and checking the weather was taking up way to much of my time.

Now, this lack of internet was not by choice-it was a situation with a horrible satellite company-who shall remain nameless, caused me to go without and living life on the frontier(i live in a place not considered to be "rural" but rather "frontier", so i'm told)-there just aren't many options for high speed internet.
the first few weeks were pretty darn hard.....then i just let it all go and saw the ridiculousness of it all. i used to be fine without a computer-got along just fine in fact. i just engaged myself in new or old favorite activities.

my friend claudia taught my youngest and i to bake bread. liam is a natural. he's great at kneading it. here's our very first batch.

we now bake several times a week. Been knitting up a storm!

unfortunately i haven't had time to photograph all my stuff-but promise to very soon!!!! as soon as this crazy spring weather calms, i can get out a take some pics!

i've visited historic cemeteries-one of my favorite things to do. guess i like hanging out with dead people. feels so calm and peaceful.

also, adorned in buckskin and calico i learned to shoot a black powder pistol and a rifle....

yeeha hot damn! that rifle had quite the kick to it. yes, i must admit-life is never boring-even without a computer. Been so dang busy haven't had a chance to even catch my breath.

i also became an Auntie again-squee! it's a girl! Rory Mckenzie. can't get any cuter than that. i get to knit gurlie things-yes!!!!

well, i must admit. i'm not internetless anymore. as of 6:28pm this evening-Houston, we have contact! but it has been a lesson well learned. it's okay to step away from the computer. it's amazing how much more there is to do.
try it sometime-just unplug!


Beryl Moody said...

pistol packin mama! Great post

Laura said...

I feel the same way about tv. I haven't had one in at least 15 years, if not longer. I don't miss it. What's up with Idol, anyway?

I love the buckskin shot (no pun intended). I imagine the black powder firearms do kick more than normal - it would be fun to try. However, I think I'll stick with throwing tomahawks.

soxchik said...

Just like the Jane West doll!

woolydaisy said...

laura- we don't have channels but we do use our tv for DVD's. i haven't had real tv in years- don't miss it at all. from what i hear there's nothing to watch anyway. ha! my son loves the hawk and knife throwing too!

soxy- jane west was the only doll i liked!!!! wish i still had her. loved all the rubber accessories.

Sharon said...

Welcome back. I missed you, but then I told you that. It was great to see you in person - sorry I missed you at the plant sale. My poor plants are huddled in the garage - it's snowing. 'nuf already!

Birdsong said...

Yay, great to have you back, but even better that you have a good perspective on the place for technology in your life!

Dianne said...

Love baking bread here too. There's a "shooting range" down in the "meadow" and everyone loves to try hitting the cans when they visit. We don't get out much. Fun post!

liberal redneck said...

Best portrait ever. :)