Saturday, January 15, 2011

beaver like!

dang i've been busy. eased back into schooling after the hollydaze-that was a feat in itself. sometimes i wonder if the breaks are worth it. seems so hard to start back up again.

let me start this post by showing you what i had to buy myself the other day:

"oh cute"-i can hear you saying. but that's not the point! (note the word bolded above) well. i'm not very happy about this purchase. these are not prescription glasses mind you. i don't wear them-athough maybe i need to be- but that's another story. these are freakin reading glasses. yes, magnified reading glasses-the kind you get at the grocery store. you know-the kind for "aging" eyes. yes, i've come to realize that i can't read the ingredient labels on food, medicine or supplements and i've shied away from books with small print. yep. age happens. sigh. at least i was able to get some fun ones! daisies how appropriate. and only $3.99.

i was amazed how much easier knitting was while wearing my new spiffy lenses. especially when i started the lace on my Fairwind Cardigan.

it's a fabulous pattern and my gurls and i are doing a knit-along, which we started back in November. okay as you can see i'm not very far-but hey the holidays hit and all good intentions flew out the window. i'm knitting mine out of cascade 220 heathers in a honey mustard colorway. the picture doesn't do it justice. out of the 5 that are participating you can check out the blogs of birdsong and mama spider to see their progress and yarn choices. i love seeing everyone's color and fiber choices.

i also finished my boy's holiday socks. they were supposed to be a gift for the Winter Solstice but now they were finished for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

these are made from cascade 220 superwash wool in his favorite color: grey. they were thuja inspired. but i used size 3 needles, casted on 48 stitches and did the k3, p1 pattern every round.

my dear friend anne always sends me yummy luscious yarns for xmas. waiting to open her gifts is excruciating. i can barely stand it. this year among the skeins was some Malbrigo Rasta-OMG! heaven in a ball i tell you!!! soft chunky squishy merino!!! this stuff rocks. with one skein i made this awesome neck warmer. knit on size 15 needles-i knit this in a day!!!

been doing a wee bit of spinning lately. not as much as i would like though.

within the last year i've decided that pink isn't so bad after all. i have a strong growing attachment to it. wow! life is stranger than fiction sometimes.


soxchik said...

I love your handspun. Will you wear those new glasses when at Stitches West? I can't wait to see them.

Luci said...

I know you're bummed about the glasses, but at least you found cute ones and immediate gratification in lace knitting success.

You've been busy busy busy! Keep it up!

Brii said...

LOVE the glasses Steph
You need to post a pic of you wearing them! ( :

Birdsong said...

Your pink handspun is fabulous! I hope you make yourself something with it... you really do have the right complexion for that pink and the glasses. It happens. I always tell myself 'consider the alternative' and plow forward.

Sharon said...

As for the reading glasses - the challenge will be to know where they are when you want to read something.