Wednesday, August 25, 2010

meet MARZEL!

rhodie and i met marzel at the thanksgiving craft fair we did in mendocino last year. we were fortunate to see her again at the summer craft fair as she had a booth as well. she is one amazing woman. she makes these incredible recycled bags out of used pet, bird, feed and grain bags. a true 'reuser' marzel is. the name of her business is Cleverheart Designs. she is so cool that if you give her 10 clean(no mold-ick!) bags she will give you a made bag for free! that's a great exchange. i brought her bags to the fair that i have been saving. here's the bag i got for FREE!

my new catch-all knitting bag! YES! gotta love little birdies. here's her booth at the fair:

MARZEL is a woman of many talents. i don't know her very well but these things i do know about her. she is a knitter of socks, a writer, a teller of stories, a seamstress, an animal lover, earth lover and she has good taste in wine:) plus she has an awesome name!
so if you's like to get your very own Cleverheart Bag here's her contact info: facebook -you can contact her there! at the top of her page just push the "info" tab.

i just have to show you my very first bag: perfect for knitting and spinning stuff!

isn't that the best? note the wool roving sticking out of the top. i also have a ginormous(pronounced with the long I sound) papa bear size-that is just crammed full of fiber at the moment:)

please go check out her facebook page- you'll be glad you did. tell her "wooly" sent ya!

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Sharon said...

I had to think about that for a minute, but I use Macys and Eddie Bauer bags for fleece. Those paper bags makes sense. I'd kinda like to make one too. I've given up on baskets since the moths like them more than I do.