Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dye day recap

Jeez- i think it was like a month ago we had our spring fiber guild dye day and i'm finally getting around to posting about it. i swear for every post you see here i must write 20 other posts in my head. just don't have the time. anyway- dye day is always such a wonderful time. hanging out with wonderful women dyeing fiber and eating fabulous food! Sue opens her beautiful home to us and sara graciously shares her knowledge.

my sock yarn- i wanted to think outside the box and get away from my usual greens. i had envisioned bright pinks, oranges, yellows and purples. fun socks for me to brighten my day!!! but when i started mixing my colors a force unbeknownst(i don't think that is a word but i like it) to me took over, took control- look what happened.

possessed by color!

this roving turned out darker in real life- real manly-perhaps something for my studly hubby with this colorway. just a touch of pink for his feminine side:)

i was not happy with the way this one turned out- too much washout-perhaps it did not steam long enough. going to have to overdye it.

was definitely thinking outside the box for this one. not my colors. will probably sell this roving.

this is subtle and sweet-i keep thinking-something cozy for baby. i hate traditional pastels for babies-but do like soft mellow cozy comfort colors for them.

here's some alpaca yarn-i wanted to achieve the feeling of a stormy ocean. the photo is a bit washed out.

I plan on making the spingtime bandit shawl with it-on ravelry of course!

chickens, dragon, and the garden need my attention! must vacate this machine-but i have a teaser for you-

stay tuned for my next blog post to find out what sara and barbara sue are up to!!!!


Birdsong said...

Delightful colors all around, and the fun part is that they don't turn out quite that way once spun! Those socks will go well with your wardrobe:)

Sharon said...

I hope you caught pix of B Sue's braid and hat braid. I'm kicking myself for missing that!

Beryl Moody said...

I love those dark colors. They should spin up into something spectacular.

soxchik said...

Your dyed rovings look beautiful. I need to get some dye projects going.