Saturday, September 12, 2009

fiber blog?

okay okay! i know this is suppose to be somewhat of a fiber blog. life in these parts are just so ever consuming and busy that knitted items and other fibery goodness go un-noticed, un-photographed and un-posted! this is a disgrace, pathetic, and down right slanderous!!! i am SO going to try and be a better post-er. i actually do more fiber stuff than is shown but with time constraints and a funky computer-pictures and post just don't always happen-then life takes over and just forget IT! not gonna happen.

but i actually did finish the Gaia shoulder hug shawl back in august. was worried about having enough yarn for the picot bind off-so i stopped early but ended up having enough for a bigger shawl. oh well, it's a nice small shawl and being that i am hobbit like-it fits me perfect!
this picture makes it look way bigger than it is! don't want to bore you with 20 pictures of this shawl-i'll just post a few. even though i have about 20 pictures of this thing! why?

haven't sewn the ends in yet-so you can see some stragglers.

now if i only had time to post the pics on ravelry!!!

on a much delighted note-for hubby. we found a home for zeemic. what a swell rooster-beautiful crow, sweet disposition and he had the effin biggest wattles and comb i have ever seen. wish i could have seen how big he got. he's only 4 months old. the girls are missin their man-as he was such a gentleman! hope gaia decides to raise him rather than eat him. but thank you gaia what ever you choose! if you do eat him-his meat is gonna be sweet! no nasty rooster meat there!

i leave you with a picture of the dragon-

this is his state of being during the day after keeping the foxes and coyotes away from the property at nite! also wrestling with "montana" the alpha female great pyranese/anatolian mix in the early morning-he loves/hates that she visits every morning. the minute i tell her to go home- blue is on it and gets so mad that she doesn't care what he says. later!


soxchik said...

Wow, what a glorious Gaia. It makes me want to hoard my handspun skeins for yet another shawl. Can you tell me how many oz or yards you used?

Birdsong said...

Your shawl came out fabulous! I am tempted to go back and block mine now, though I love the way the unblocked version hugs me. I am glad your rooster found a home - he really is a handsome devil.

magnusmog said...

Beeeeutiful shawl :)

Sharon said...

The shawl is beautiful and the colors worked up very well. Our dragon wishes he could get on the furniture. He's in the figerative dog house right now for selective memory at the word "come."

karen said...

wow, steph, what a gorgeous shawl! i've finally picked mine up again, and your photos are very inspiring. not sure i'm brave enough to try the picot edging, though...hmmm. i too have been neglecting posting, and a lot of things, how does life get so crazy? what a gorgeous rooster, too, he is amazing looking. hard to let go of such a guy, huh?!