Saturday, July 11, 2009

the reclamation of my bathroom!

once school is out for the summer i think to myself-yeah! i'm going to have so much free time to fill my life with fibery goodness. ha! i forget what summer entails- all the usual chores PLUS gardening, building projects, property work etc. leaving very little time for other things.

great news! i have reclaimed my bathroom. it is no longer a chick brooder. you would not believe have much dusty dander chicks produce-it's rather disgusting-it's everywhere-i wouldn't even brush my teeth in there. the chicks are now fully feathered pullets and can be outside at night-yahoo!

Gads! can you say "rooster?" the chicks are supposed to be sexed at the hatchery but it's not 100% accurate. liam named him zeemic. as you know we are anti-rooster around here-so he's free to anyone who wants him-he's a catalana. originally from spain but popular in south america as they are heat hearty birds. much needed around these parts-maybe you could breed that trait into your flock. otherwise mondy's gonna eat eat him for dinner. let me know if you want him!!!!

these 8 chickens are living in an adjacent yard to the our original flock so they can get accustomed to one another. chickens are vicious and new comers are never welcome-it can get bloody. i want them to get bigger before i put them in with the nasty gurls! then they will share this coop with them:

we also have 8 new bantams. very excited as we've never had the little chickens before. they are too cute! they come unsexed so we will definitely end up with some roosters. we've identified 2 so far. being that banties are miniature chickens the roosters can sometimes be even nastier than the big guys-little man complex? or the napoleon complex? one is particularly mean already bites real hard-liam named him adolf then changed it to napoleon. dinner anyone? or maybe we could do the recommended procedure of just letting him free in the woods and wish him luck!! hey all you PETA members-you are more than welcome to come over and take him off my hands-just bring some wicked ass leather gloves.

the banty bungalow is near completion. they are living in it-but they are confined to it as fencing has not happened.

building anything sucks when you live on a hill. there's my power tool "rosie"-i love my dewalt!!!!!

liam helped dig these fence post holes 18" deep! actually he did most of it as i was having hand issues again. what a great worker he is. thank you so much liam. post hole cement is god's gift to making my life easier. i hate mixing cement in a wheelbarrow and having to transfer the mess into the hole. post hole cement is just awesome-you just put your pole in the hole add the mix, level and pour in some water-set for 5 days!!! schlepping the 60 lb. bags around is a pain though.

see the boarded up window on the left-that will soon be nesting boxes that come out of the coop-so you can collect eggs from the outside. you can sorta see the nesting boxes sticking out of the left side in the above picture of the old green coop. they are very fun to make! the bantams won't be laying for another couple months so i left that project for later-i just needed to get them out of the bathroom!!!!

here they are inside the new bungalow-on a bed of madrone leaves. i had gotten some rice straw that was incredibly dusty-worried about their little lungs and eyes. the bantams are suppose to be buff wyandottes-but check out the whitish one-huh? that's the one that was crippled for about a week. and the one right by the feeder has dark grey legs and skin-feathers seem to be more like a frizzle-plus she had deformed wings. not sure what is up with her-she seems happy and is eating and drinking so we'll just let her be.

i am so relieved that we don't have to transfer the birds from the garden cage to the bathroom every nite and then back out in the morning-what an ordeal that was. still need to shingle the roof as well as fencing, making a gate and nesting boxes-getting close to being done!!!!

OMG! i just realized it's been forever since i've posted a gross picture for you all. as you remember-i've posted photos of the time i had to stick my fingers up hazel's vent( butt) looking for a stuck egg, dead rat in bottom of stove, dead mouse in pet drinking bowl, bucket-o-worms and many other goodies. so i leave you with-what the dragon threw-up the other day.

yes, it is an entire sock! just be glad i didn't post the picture of when he ate an entire red bandanna and did not throw it up-it came all the thru!

i'm off to clean and disinfect the bathroom.


Birdsong said...

You are turning into one fine coop builder! Glad you got the bathroom back... now maybe you can take an afternoon off to spin with Rowen and I next Thurs.

soxchik said...

You have great carpentry skills. And the dragon has crazy weird food skills.

Sharon said...

Boy, you've gone from three girls to a whole flock. I see an egg business in your future.

Diana said...

What an exciting blog! Thanks!

Sue said...

Hmmm..the sock reminds me of when DonnerDog pooped out an intact lamb's tail, elastrator and all. Nice job on the coops!